The Eureka co-working building in Irvine is starting a series of “Eureka Moments” invite-only, live podcasts.

The first, which will take place later this month, features Sean Ellis, host of the Breakout Growth Podcast and author of “Hacking Growth.”

Peter Polydor, who owns the building, commissioned the new podcast studio.

Peter Polydor, Founder, Eureka co-working building

Christopher Decker built the studio. He will run it and host the podcasts.

Christopher Decker, host of the podcasts

The live podcasts will take place every quarter.

Ellis runs workshops around the world discussing how to implement a cross-functional approach to growth, a term he coined as “growth hacking” in 2010.

Sean Ellis

He helped to bring five companies to market, as VP of marketing/growth.

Those companies exceeded billion-dollar valuations, including Dropbox, LogMeIn, Eventbrite, Uproar, and Lookout. He also launched and sold two businesses.

There’s a sister Eureka co-working building in Toronto.

These podcasts will be available to stream from OCSN’s website on the Podcasts page, after the live recordings.