The old adage that “any press is good press” is widely accepted as general truth, but I’m sure that depends on what side of that you are on. One thing is certain; there has been a significant amount of bad press around COVID-19 antibody testing. Poor quality tests flooded the market at record speed, requiring greater oversight from our regulatory agencies and challenges for public health officials who are trying to understand the magnitude of this pandemic. But what the bad press did do, was elucidate the need for a solution that meets the needs of the medical community; that meets the needs of our society.

Even before the bad press was so abundant, Truvian leadership was hearing from key opinion leaders that despite many tests being available, there were challenges with specificity and in many cases, supply was also limited. There was an acute need for a solution that was rooted in good science and leveraged the regulatory pathways.  A pandemic also needs testing to deliver at scale, everywhere.

Truvian is grounded in the belief that we can do better, and improvements need to be made in healthcare. Individuals need access to reliable, affordable testing any time, all the time. We saw a tremendous opportunity to align our company’s mission and vision with bringing a solution to market, that aids in the battle against COVID-19, by collaborating with top scientists and medical professionals.

Our Easy Check COVID-19 IgM/IgG antibody test has been designed to not only meet FDA standards, but exceed them, with rigorous independent lab testing performed to ensure high sensitivity and specificity in a routine testing environment. We are working to fill a gap, producing tests at scale and at low cost, so all who need a test, receive a test.

There’s no single solution to end this pandemic. It will take contributions from both the public and private sector and no single diagnostic test or company will be able to satisfy the entire need.  But we felt compelled to bring a test to the market and help to provide insights for crucial decision making.

It’s been challenging for researchers to know the true prevalence of the virus.  In the early stages of the pandemic, many individuals were not able to get access to testing.  As a scientific community, we are continuing to try to understand what role asymptomatic carriers may have played in the outbreak and therefore what risk it may pose for the future.  Simply stated, at a population level, we need the ability to accurately assess the true impact of this disease, which will aid in planning for the future.

Similarly, the medical community is trying to understand how long does an individual’s immune response last.  Does the duration of immune response relate to the severity of the infection?   These are questions we can help answer if testing is available at scale and at low cost.

As blood donations from those who have been previously infected may be useful in treating people who are currently ill or may become ill with future outbreaks, we need to help our blood banks quickly identify people who are carriers of antibodies to COVID-19 and prioritize donations from those who are able.

While the scientific and medical communities are just beginning to scratch the surface on the utility and actionability of antibody testing for COVID-19, what we do know, is that information is power, and devoid of data we are powerless. Truvian is joining the battle against this pandemic; leading with science to do our part in helping to bring the pandemic to an end.