NEWS: Visible Hands Closes First Fund at $10.5M

Photo taken by Juan D.

The following is a press release from Visible Hands, a VC fund with an accelerator that supports overlooked talent in building technology startups:

Hello Visible Hands community,

It’s official: we’d like to share that we just closed our Fund 1 at $10.5M!

Less than two years ago, we pinpointed our mission to highlight and invest in the limitless potential of overlooked founders. We’re extremely proud and are thankful to all of those who helped us achieve our goal of raising our first fund, including Bank of AmericaEquity AllianceBrown AdvisoryAtento Capital of the George Kaiser Family Foundation, individual partners of THL and a related party, Jeffrey Bussgang and Chip Hazard of Flybridge, Bradley Singer (formerly of ValueAct Capital), Greg Gottesman of Pioneer Square LabsJarrid Tingle, and Henri Pierre-Jacques amongst others.

This fund has allowed Visible Hands to invest in 50+ entrepreneurs to date. In addition to the fundraising, we ran and supported our first Visionary accelerator cohort at their earliest stages of company growth to help them build exceptional technology startups.

We asked our entrepreneurs to put their trust in us as we support them through one of the most vulnerable journeys anyone could ever undertake—starting a company. We hold that responsibility with the highest regard & are proud to see continued successes from our portfolio.

In the words of VH GP & Co-Founder Yasmin Cruz Ferrine: “We’re just getting started. Imagine the possibilities for us and for this ecosystem. We’re geared up to grow.”


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