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This changemaker, Tiffany Pham, is a tech startup founder, a TV personality and a bestselling author. 

Based in NYC, she is the founder and CEO of Mogul — an HR tech startup, which helps other startups, as well as Fortune 1,000 companies, find and recruit diverse employees.

Clients can use Mogul’s filters to sort more than hundreds of millions of candidates by gender, ethnicity and veteran status.

Highly motivated, like all of our changemakers, one of her life missions is to empower others to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success.

Following is a Q&A where she elaborates on what drives her to succeed, the success she has already achieved and her goals for the future:

What drove you to succeed when you were younger?

Pham: My family has always been a powerful influence throughout my life. They inspired me to dream big, learn everything I could and strive for excellence. They are the fuel that has kept me going. They remind me of what is possible.

Did you have to overcome adversity growing up based on your race? 

Pham: When I was 10 years old, my family moved from Paris, France to Plano, Texas. This experience taught me so much! Although I look back fondly on that time now, I worried whether I could ever fit in because I was innately shy and had to learn (a new) language. It was challenging to communicate, and nobody around looked like me. I overcame the language barrier by learning English from the media by watching shows like I Love Lucy or listening to Dale Carnegie tapes. I was able to get a glimpse of how powerful the media can be for learning. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Pham: I knew at 14 that I wanted to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps; she was an amazing mogul of her time. She ran several businesses across multiple industries in Asia, and I wanted to help people the same way that she did, by providing access to opportunities and jobs. Our mission at Mogul is to do the same: empower others to achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success.

What motivated you to pivot from working in media to starting Mogul?

Pham: Prior to Mogul, I was a finance, media and technology executive. And, I worked side hustles as a film producer and book author. I knew that I wanted to learn about many different industries and roles, so I could successfully create and run all aspects of my own business. 

Every new job I took on, I would view it as an opportunity to learn a skill set that would help me down the road. Along the way, I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing leaders who have become valued friends and mentors, and they are still today some of my biggest supporters. 

Many were my first investors in Mogul and serve on my advisory board.

Through all of my experiences, I’ve learned to always approach anything I do by asking, “What can I do to bring value” and “What skill will I learn from this?” That mindset can help anyone be successful in any role.

What kind of tech does Mogul use to help companies recruit diverse talent?

Pham: One of the key issues that our HR clients encounter is that 70% of all executives are represented by white men. Yet, that’s not representative of the overall workforce, which is almost 48% female and 22% non-white.

Mogul’s technology is disruptive in so many ways. And, it addresses the issues that our clients are facing, because HR teams are really struggling to find diverse talent — not just at executive levels, but at all levels.

We were so fortunate that we were able to develop proprietary algorithms that allow recruiters to immediately access more than 430 million diverse candidate profiles, from the most comprehensive databases worldwide.

Our technology allows recruiters to leverage real-time analytic insights. And, they can engage with active and passive candidates faster than ever.

Additionally, our patent-pending diversity filters can sort profiles by ethnicity, gender, veteran status and self-identified disability status. 

In a few months, we will be launching even more diversity filters. Our technology offers a more robust and diverse talent pipeline for our clients, and enables them to find the best candidates equally.

Why is it important, in your opinion, for companies of all sizes and genres to be diverse?

Pham: We all know that diversity is great for business, and that’s why so many companies are hiring organizations like Mogul when they want fully- diversified search services and recruiting software that will help them access a more diverse talent pool.

A 2020 study from McKinsey found that companies with gender, ethnic and cultural diversity within their executive teams and on their boards are more likely to outperform their less diverse peers on profitability. 

Non-diverse companies — all sizes and all industries — are seeing this data and understanding that they need to make changes, not only because they want to ultimately improve profitability, creativity and innovation, but also because it’s the right thing to do.

You’ve achieved so much at such a young age. You’re still in your 30’s. What do you attribute that to?

Pham: It’s an incredible privilege to work with such a talented team at Mogul, and to have clients I find so inspiring. It’s an honor to support (our clients) in their diversity hiring efforts. 

That gives me great motivation to innovate further, and press forward with our mission to unlock the world’s greatest potential. 

I have also learned so much from the people in our online community. They give support to each other and are a great source of inspiration for me. We host many free events online, and our speakers are executives at some of the world’s most successful and exciting organizations.

What are the goals you’d like to achieve in the future?

Pham: We work toward (our mission) every day: to make the world a better place for all. In a few months, we will be announcing our exciting plans to innovate and disrupt the way that diverse individuals can connect with top companies, people and learning resources.

We want to become a household name for anyone who is driven to accomplish their goals and dreams, personally and professionally. 

We also want to become the first choice for recruiters and talent acquisition teams. We want them to think of Mogul first when they are seeking top talent.

What’s new with Mogul?

Pham: Our talent platform just introduced filters that allow recruiters to more easily source veterans and individuals with self-identified disabilities. That is an extremely valuable feature for any company seeking more diversity, as both subsets of candidates are underrepresented and can add so much to the working environment. Disabled workers represent an untapped talent pool of 10.7 million people.

(This year), Mogul will be launching a very exciting initiative to express appreciation to individuals who have defended and protected this country. It will connect unemployed veterans to better job opportunities. Veterans are really great employees, as this article from the Society for Human Resource Management makes a case for. 

On average, veterans are less prone to turnover than other employees and perform at higher levels. Companies that hire them may also be eligible for work opportunity tax credits, so there are significant benefits.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Pham: We are very excited about the future! Women in tech and engineering especially love our online events, as well as our invitation-only community, because we discuss issues that are important to them. And, we help them network and support each other.

Our premium members get a 45-minute meeting with our community manager to discuss career goals and interests. It’s a very personalized experience for people at all levels. And, many of our members have gotten speaking opportunities, press coverage, and ultimately, new career opportunities because of their affiliation with Mogul.