ACCESSIBILITY: Linket Provides Domain Names That Are Accessible and Affordable

This article was written by inter-TECH-ion’s intern Noah Chavarria…
With the advancements in tech and social media, everyone is inexorably intertwined with the online world.
And, creating a website to present your new company to the online world has never been so easy.
But getting a domain name can be expensive, especially the dotcom domains (like
It can also be very challenging to find the precise domain name you want, which is not already owned by someone else. If you do get lucky and find the domain you are looking for, it could cost a lot.
That’s where startup Linket steps in. It sells “linkets” like [Ramen], [Paper], [Run Fast] for a much lower price.
Linket was founded by Wes Boudville in 2017. He made a commitment to helping startups no matter how well-connected the founders are.
He was catalyzed by what he perceived as inequality and discrimination in the U.S.
“The high costs of domains help perpetuate existing biases,” Boudville said. “Companies that are at a disadvantage, like startups founded by women or under-represented demographics, (typically) raise less than others.”
Linket enables them to circumvent the traditional domain purchase process in an affordable, accessible way.
How It Works
For example, a website like is currently selling for $88,000.
For a startup that cannot afford to shell out tens of thousands of dollars, it can use Linket at a much cheaper price.
Linket would create a domain, such as, and behind the scenes, link [Hairbrush] to it. So what would normally be cost-prohibitive can be reduced to a small fee, as low as $15 a year.
And for brands that have different websites for different companies, Linket has a tool for them as well.
LIke, the “au” represents Australia, the region, not the brand itself.
In contrast, the corresponding linket would be [Foster’s Lager]. The company could then use this for all its international websites, which would be in the corresponding language.
“Linket changed the game, so now startups have the power and ability to take their dreams and goals and make them a reality,” he said.

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